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Global Scaling Academy's 1:1 Virtual Blitzscaling Global Accelerator Program Approved By CORFO

Global Scaling Academy's 1:1 Virtual Blitzscaling Global Accelerator Program Approved By CORFO

CORFO is the Chilean economic development agency that works daily to improve the competitiveness and the productive diversification of the country by encouraging investment, innovation and entrepreneurship.

It is also the highly-acclaimed and innovative organization that created StartupChile, and numerous other programs and supports for entrepreneurs and ecosystem builders, that have turned Chile into one of the hottest international startup ecosystems in the world.  We have loved our visits to many of Chile's great universities and cities, and conversations with founders, investors, accelerators and CORFO. 

As we have heard from founders of startups in ecosystems all over the world, scaling is a serious challenge for Chilean startups. In spite of having the advantage of starting in one of Latin America's most prosperous and stable economies, the domestic market is of limited size and startup companies must begin to look at scaling internationally much sooner than those in larger domestic markets.  That's where the CORFO Catapulta grant comes in: to offer support for scaling companies who seek the assistance of experienced international partners to support them in overcoming their scaling challenges.

Global Scaling Academy was recently honored when its 1:1 Virtual Scaling Accelerator program was approved by CORFO as an official implementation partner for the "Catapulta" (catapult) program. 

Corfo-CatapultaOther approved partners for the program include MIT and UC Berkeley, putting us in highly-respected company although our program is really quite different from these others.

The 1:1 Virtual Scaling Accelerator is a program designed around the Blitzscaling methodology to help scaling companies, no matter where they are in the world, to identify the business model innovations, and implement proven strategies, tactics and frameworks, that will help them maximize and sustain their scaling.  

We got the program off to a great start with our first supported company, Gauss Control.  Founded by José Rafaél Campino and Roberto Fleischmann, both honors graduates of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC), the company offers a cutting-edge B2B SaaS solution to substantially reducing driver fatigue and the costly and often fatal accidents that result when tired drivers crash buses, tractor trailers or heavy industrial equipment.  


GSA is working with with Gauss Control on developing a scaling roadmap for Latin America, as well as exploring market-entry in the United States. with particular emphasis being given to validation of product-market fit in the US, and strengthening network effects and virality of their business model.

We could not be more enthusiastic about their prospects, and look forward to being part of their continued success.

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