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GSA Welcomes 3SLP 2018

GSA Welcomes 3SLP 2018

Global Scaling Academy is excited to welcome the first cohort of 3S Landing Pad companies to Silicon Valley!


Artificial Intellence startup Buck AI launches in Palo Alto at Global Scaling Academybuck.ai
Buck.ai is an AI based software to help business owners run their companies. Buck takes data of supply chain, understands customer orders, converts them to production planning and procurement logistics, takes actions based on deep learning and optimizes the value chain.


Ride hailig startup Cabture builds on Europena success with launch in Silicon vall;ey with Global Scaling AcademyCABTURE
Endless hours on board of a train or taxi are a pain for every traveler. This time is barely ever productive and on top of that study shows that most travelers uninformed at the destination. Cabture addresses this problem and it cannot make travelers’ train or taxi go any faster, but Cabture can engage and entertain travelers while they travel.


Codela is a SaaS company that is providing a platform for helping developers to connect with the companies based on previous interview questions and coding challenges while supporting companies in screening developer candidates with automated online coding assessments.


Delphisonic helps businesses to know failures of operating machines in advance via its cutting-edge technology. It utilizes Internet of Things, Industrial Internet, Big Data, M2M and telemetry systems to predict machine problems in advance and in real time. Periodic maintenances cannot fully help to avoid machine problems since it is crucial to your business to not only track your machines, but to have access to immediate, secure information about your machine early enough before the break or failure happening.


GradTrain is an AI-driven guidance platform for people who move to study abroad, connecting them with services, schools, jobs and mentorship. On the GradTrain platform, prospective students use predictive algorithms to gauge their chances of acceptance to universities abroad and meet with current and former students for online coaching sessions. Since its launch, GradTrain has served prospective students from over 150 countries.


Through the use of data gathered (geospatial, interest and place) within our mobile application and social graph data (Facebook, Instagram etc.), Kompas is able to generate large sets of proprietary data that can be used to make predictions about the preferences of people. From the places they visit, to the personalities they hold. Team is applying machine learning to allow KOMPAS to adapt and mould over time.


Kuan Intelligence is a London based cross-border commercial payment platform for businesses sending and receiving large and recurring payment to/from overseas as little as 1 working day. Kuan deploys blockchain technology on Know Your Customer checks and Anti-Money Laundering monitoring to allow its payment partners like banks and other payment institutions to shorten payment processing time for its business clients.


Mall IQ is an indoor location-based mobile engagement and analytics platform. MallIQ’s vision is to bridge the shopper’s interactions in the digital world with their behavior in the physical world. Mall IQ empowers retailers, loyalty, banking and e-commerce apps understand their customer behavior anywhere in shopping malls & high streets and engage them with a relevant message at the right time and location, essentially doing retargeting in the physical world.



Optiyol designs mathematical optimization models and algorithms to solve supply chain planning problems at strategic, tactical and operational levels. So far, Optiyol has developed solutions to serve multinational FMCG customers in Turkey that solve Supply Network Design, Intercity Transportation Mode Selection, Dynamic Delivery Route Optimization, Sales Territory Optimization and Periodic Salesforce Visit Scheduling problems.


Publicfast is a fully automated solution that on the one hand gives brands the opportunity to create a campaign with the right influencers across all social media globally. In the results, brands receive all the analytics and all posts from influencers in one place. On another hand, Publicfast helps social, active users (named influencers) monetize their social activities by collaborating with brands and products they love.


Sensfix is an AI driven smart workflow software platform for repair and maintenance that integrates the IoT Data/Intelligence deep into every branch of the process workflow bringing all stakeholders; asset owners, asset managers, and service personnel on the field into one online collaborative platform built using blockchain and predictive maintenance.


smart mimic
Smart Mimic makes your things smart by placing mimic on or into them with one device. For example, your door can detect when it’s forced, your bag can detect if someone is trying to open it, or your bike can be smart by placing mimic onto it. Smart Mimic offers users over 50 different use cases with a single device.


Teleporter is a virtual reality technology that creates a live & social e-sports spectating experience in Virtual Reality aiming to move the passion of new-age competitive sports into reality, combining VR and AI technologies to build a digital arena open to participation from all around the world.

is a regulatory technology platform creating a Global Trust network, which is enabled by AI and blockchain based unique Digital ID. A Digital ID which consist of multiple data points for instant authentication, verification and user profiling and used for smart on-boarding process for any product/service, lending, instant KYC compliance and AML check. It also provides Prediction related to custom credits, loan, insurance, product signups and other requirements of individual.


Wisboo is an all-in-one solution that makes it easy and affordable for Companies, Education Businesses and Independent Experts to create, deliver and even sell online courses on their own beautiful and self branded online schools. Think of ‘Shopify for e-learning’, a simple yet powerful platform that makes enterprise-level technology available for businesses all sizes.


3S Landing Pad kicks off 21 May 2018 when the startups will relocate to San Francisco. Over 6 months they will receive extensive mentoring from Global Scaling Academy, entrepreneurs, investors, and corporate partners in addition to six months of free office space, over $250K worth of deals, and $40K financial support. The program concludes with Demo Week where the startups will demonstrate their business to investors and partners.



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