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Startup Embassy and Global Scaling Academy: a great combination for scaling founders in Silicon Valley

Startup Embassy and Global Scaling Academy: a great combination for scaling founders in Silicon Valley

Jeff Abbott - Global Scaling Academy from Startup Embassy on Vimeo.

Jeff Abbott, Co-founder and Managing Partner of Global Scaling Academy, was recently interviewed by Sergei Samusev, partner at Startup Embassy.  Startup Embassy is a base of operations, a home away from home, a launchpad for international entrepreneurs seeking to get something going in Silicon Valley. 

Sergei and I had a great conversation and explored the origins and vision of Global Scaling Academy, as well as the many benefits that Startup Embassy offers to international entrepreneurs visiting Silicon Valley. 

Startup Embassy is a great launchpad in the Palo Alto / Silicon Valley startup ecosystem for founders coming to work with GSA on scaling their businesses.  

Why? Well, who doesn't want to have a real-life experience of their own that feels amazingly close to taking a cameo part in HBO's Silicon Valley--minus Ehrlich Bachmann?  On a more serious note, the place is full of interesting, smart and cool people, and is a lot of fun.  While there, here are the profiles of just a few of the amazing people I met who are doing amazing things: 

  • Evgeny and Dmitry, two Russian engineers making supercomputers available over the cloud.
  • Antonio, a Brazilian CEO making powerful ERP affordable to SMEs in Latin America.
  • Bryce, an incoming senior doing a research and an internship at a top quantum computing firm
  • Isaac, a South Korean founder, who has created an incredible publishing and productivity tool for the iPad.
  • Vlad and Mike, two Russian founders who have a patented technology that powers an app that allows for immediate exchange of Vcards (the mundane) to enabling real-time spontaneous chat rooms to be opened by anyone who is in the same space as determined by the background audial signature (the cutting-edge). They are just starting at Skydeck, UC Berkeley's incubator.
  • Thierno, who works for the Office of the President of Senegal, and is here studying venture capital at Stanford in order to drive the ecosystem back home through the programs and funds he runs.
  • Teemu, a founder from Finland working on an innovative e-commerce technology who works all night and in the space of two weeks and with no prior knowledge has taught himself to build websites and animations. 
  • Joy, from Chengdu, who runs a software development firm and is here looking for new ideas and inspirations.
  • Julius, a German founder with a degree in applied mathematics, here attending computer science classes at Stanford to expand his skills. 
  • James, a college senior interning at Tinder, who teaches people java coding at night and builds new apps in a matter of days
  • Vik, an EIR at GSV labs, working on a hardware startup
  • Ezekiel, an EdTech founder from Buenos Aires, making it possible for anyone to create and teach their online course who wants to power a learning revolution in Latin America
  • Paola, the welcoming and warm house manager, originally from Colombia, with an MS in psychology, now living in Madrid where she works in an accelerator and is running a social venture

This is just a sample of the amazing people I met during a short visit, but is entirely indicative of the quality and diversity of people who cycle through the Startup Embassy week after week.  More than 2000 have stayed so far over the past several years.  Thanks to vision of Carlos, Sergei, Angelika, Will and the others who run the business, this tremendous exchange of ideas, connections and cross-cultural experience and good will. 

There is no question that diversity, inclusion and global connectivity are a critical element to driving the next stage of global development.  The UN Sustainable Development goals cite the need for 600 million new jobs by 2030.  That means the world needs more companies to achieve scale because it would be more efficient to build 6,000 companies with 10,000 employees than 60 million companies with 10 employees that will have short lifespans.  

The mission of Global Scaling Academy is to support entrepreneurs everywhere to make that scaling possible.  To that end, it's the world needs many more places like Startup Embassy in communities everywhere where this kind of connection, dissemination and cross-pollination of ideas, and relationship-building occurs.  

I can't wait to see where the next chapter of Startup Embassy springs up. 


Jeff Abbott At Startup Embassy on Vimeo

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